RECs can be sold a few different ways once they are in an M-RETS account. The REC owner can

  • post certificates on the M-RETS bulletin board,
  • use a broker or marketer who will either purchase the RECs directly, or assist the REC owner in finding a buyer,
  • or use an auction or exchange platform to sell RECs.

The Bulletin Board is a free option available to all M-RETS subscribers, while other options may have applicable fees and conditions.

M-RETS Bulletin Board

The M-RETS bulletin board is a public report for M-RETS account holders to post RECs available for purchase. The Account Holder transfers their available RECs into their Bulletin Board Subaccount. All RECs in a Bulletin Board Subaccount display automatically on the Bulletin Board Public Report. From the Public Report, a user can view the contact information of the REC owner. M-RETS does not facilitate the transaction or contract. All agreements through the bulletin board are made on a bilateral basis between the buyer and the seller. Once the agreement is completed, the seller transfers the RECs to the buyer’s M-RETS account.

A non M-RETS user could contact a seller using the public report. In this scenario, The M-RETS Account Holder would retire the RECs in the name of the buyer.