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Hourly generation data access is an important first step in a multi-faceted process to establish data-driven renewable energy markets.

As consumers expand their carbon-free energy initiatives, access to greater data allows organizations to make more informed decisions to lower their carbon emissions.

Organizations and individuals are already purchasing renewable energy, but greater decarbonization comes from truly matching – hour for hour – energy use to renewable sources.  

Integrating hourly data will help users ensure that each hour of their operations is matched to actual renewable energy produced at the same time. It is a more accurate and reliable way to account for renewable energy use. In a first step toward establishing these markets and this process, M-RETS worked with Google to complete the first hourly Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) transaction in early 2021. Learn more in our latest white paper “A Path to Supporting Data-Driven Renewable Energy Markets” by M-RETS President and CEO Ben Gerber.

How it works:

Data-driven energy markets will help realize greater decarbonization across our economy.

This is not just about 24/7 matching. Hourly data is the key to unlocking the data integrations that customers seek to help them achieve their sustainability goals. Ultimately, the best way to measure success is through showcasing actual, quantifiable decarbonization. And more data helps us get there.

The achievement of completing the first hourly transaction in a production REC platform is just the beginning. M-RETS continues to lead the development of a process that can scale globally to multiple consumers.

Learn how to make an hourly claim here.