Welcome to M-RETS

We are a web-based system used by power generators, utilities, marketers, and qualified reporting entities across North America.

M-RETS tracks Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and facilitates REC transactions by issuing a unique, traceable digital certificate for every megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy generated by registered units or imported into its system.

M-RETS users retire RECs to comply with state policy or to serve the voluntary market and to ensure that RECs are not double-counted.

We validate the environmental attributes of energy to serve as a trusted centralized gateway to environmental markets.

Objective, accurate, and reliable information is central to M-RETS’ operations. 

Green-e Tracking in M-RETS

M-RETS is an approved tracking system for Green-e and now tracks across North America

With the new requirement that most Green-e Energy certified products must be supplied and substantiated by renewable MWh tracked in a renewable energy tracking system (vintage July 2018 and later) that is approved by Green-e Energy, M-RETS is an ideal choice to meet your needs. M-RETS tracks generation from renewable resources across all of North America, making it easy to maintain all of your renewable assets for the voluntary market in one system. With a modern user interface, dedication to customer service and responsiveness, and Board of Directors that includes actual users, we look forward to serving you. To find out more information about Green-e and Green-e certified projects, visit here.

REC Markets

M-RETS supports open and transparent markets. Through the use of our modern API, M-RETS supports allowing imports and exports between all REC tracking systems in North America, including allowing for the import/export of imported/exported RECs. If your current system does not have import/export with M-RETS, please contact them and ask them to establish a connection.

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