Welcome to M-RETS

M-RETS is building an innovative and efficient path to a decarbonized economy.


We bring transformational digital infrastructure and data access to energy markets.

How it works

We help generators and suppliers track renewable energy and other environmental attributes.

Who we are

We are environmental experts and data nerds who are passionate about our shared sustainable future.

M-RETS is a nonprofit, mission-driven organization that operates an environmental attribute tracking platform to facilitate the drive toward economy-wide decarbonization. Our team of passionate energy and technical experts continuously update and improve our platform and contribute to global thought leadership to grow environmental attribute markets.

M-RETs Renewable Electricity

M-RETS tracks renewable electricity using a modern and flexible platform.

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M-RETs Renewable Thermal

M-RETS tracks renewable thermal energy to help grow both voluntary and compliance markets.

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We are building transformational digital infrastructure to validate environmental attributes and serve as a trusted centralized gateway to environmental markets.

Objective, accurate and accessible data. Learn more about M-RETS platform capabilities.