RPS and Goals


20 ILCS 687

Geographic Eligibility for Utility RPS Requirements Eligible resources must be located in Illinois. If there are insufficient cost-effective in-state resources, resources can be procured from adjoining states, and if these are also not cost-effective, resources can be procured from other regions of the country.Geographic Eligibility for ARES RPS Requirements Eligible resources must be located in Illinois, within states that adjoin Illinois (Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan and Missouri), or within portions of the PJM and MISO footprint in the United States, and that qualify under the definition of renewable energy resources below.

Reporting Year June 1st through May 31st

Solar Requirement Yes, starting June 1, 2012

Distributed Generation Requirement Yes, starting June 1, 2013

Renewable Energy Sources

  • wind
  • solar thermal energy, photovoltaic cells and panels,
  • biodiesel,
  • anaerobic digestion, crops and untreated and unadulterated organic waste biomass,
  • tree waste,
  • in-state landfill gas,
  • hydropower that does not involve new construction or significant expansion of hydropower dams, and
  • other alternative sources of environmentally preferable energy

Does not include: incineration or burning of tires, garbage, general household, institutional, and commercial waste, landscape waste other than tree waste, railroad crossties, utility poles, or construction or demolition debris, other than untreated and unadulterated waste wood. 


Statute: 476.41


A Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan


Statute: 216B


Statute: MCA 69-3-2001 et seq.

North Dakota

Statute: 49-22-28


Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard: 4901:1-40

South Dakota

Statute: 49-34A-9449-34A-101Docket RM11-001 Final Rules


Statute: PSC 118Wis. Stat. 196.378