Release Notes

Release updates for July 13th, 2023

Update: Users can now add ‘Notes’ to recurring transfers to provide further details for external and internal recurring transfers

This input is accessed in the UI flow and is labeled as “notes” field on the recurring_transfers object in the API

Improved: Certificate table sorting on the ‘active’ certificate table is working as expected

Improvements are still being made to table filters, but sorting has been restored on the active certificates table

Fixed: API users can now use our Pagination feature with predictable results

If you are interested in learning more about our API or Paginating results, contact our API support staff

Fixed: General Bug fixes to improve our system

Many of these updates are from user requests or comments. We are always open to your feedback on improving your experience with M-RETS. 

Feel free to email [email protected] with your comments, compliments, or concerns. 

Release updates for March 30th, 2023

Update: IESO features are now released. New Organizations registering will see the option to register as part of the Ontario Program (this option is only for Ontario users)

New feature: We are now allowing Mass Certificate Transfers via CSV uploads

Release updates for March 20th, 2023

Update: Organizations can no longer edit and change their organization’s name. Users will need to contact [email protected] if changes need to be made.

Fixed: General bug fixes and improvements including minor display fixes to improve user experience

Many of these updates are from user requests or comments. We are always open to your feedback on improving your experience with M-RETS. 

Feel free to email [email protected] with your comments, compliments, or concerns. 

Release updates for February 28th, 2023

UI Change: Organization ID is now shortened to a more user-friendly ID

  • Organization IDs will now display as a shortened version making it easier to reference for administrative purposes.

Release updates for February 14th, 2023

Fixed: General bug fixes and improvements including minor display fixes to improve user experience

Release updates for December 29th, 2022

Fixed: Generation table now displaying Generator info fields

  • Generator name, MRETS ID, and aggregate group ID are now displaying in the table

Improved: RTC Program Admin feature

  • Changes include a fix to participant invitations and account approvals

Fixed: General bug fixes

  • Additional minor changes to improve our user experience

Release updates for December 16th, 2022

Fixed: General bug fixes

  • This release consists of primarily general bug fixes with some noticeable improvements for our users

Improved: Generation submission via UI now allow decimals

  • This recently introduced feature now can better meet user’s needs

Improved: Better UI feedback when updating a Generator

  • Clear visual indicators let the user know which field changes will send a Generator into ‘Pending’ status

Many of these updates are from user requests or comments. We are always open to your feedback on improving your experience with M-RETS. 

Feel free to email [email protected] with your comments, compliments, or concerns. 

Release updates for November 21st, 2022

Fixed: General bug fixes, minor typos, & continuing to enable more WREGIS functionality

Release updates for November 3rd, 2022

Added: ‘Add New Entry’ button is now visible on the Generation page

  • Users can manually add generation entries including any fuel splits via the UI using this feature.

Improved: Changes to improve the QRE’s user experience removing irrelevant info in the UI

Updated: Mexico and its states added as an option to the Generator form

Improved: Organization Lists only display current organizations

  • Inactive organizations no longer appear on the Reporting Entity Dropdown and Closed organizations are not a Transfer option cleaning up the lists in the UI

Fixed: Public Reports are fixed and back up

  •  They now display columns that had said ‘Undefined’ or were blank in the UI

Fixed: Additional minor bug fixes were released and updates were made to support added functionality with the WREGIS launch

Release updates for October 25th, 2022

Improved: Clearer UI after updating a Generator

  • When changes were made to a generator, the notes field was populating with information that was not relevant to non-technical users. It no longer populates with autogenerated text.

Added: New CSV upload capabilities

  • DGGs, Validation Curves, and Fuel and Meter splits can now be uploaded via the UI

Added: Generation Uploads via the UI

  • Users can now upload generation in the UI manually in addition to the CSV upload option

Improved: Users can now select Units (Mwh is the default) when uploading generation. 

Fixed: Other minor bug fixes

Release updates for October 17th, 2022

Added: “Province” to Location Field Text

  • Included “Province” term to State/Province dropdown List on the Add Generator Form and Organization Registration page

API Update: Change “fuel” field to “generator_fuel_id” in the Generation Entries POST. 

  • Users can get the generator fuel ID from the /generator_fuels endpoint
"fuel_allocation": [{ "mrets_id": "M11111", "allocations": [{ "generator_fuel_id": "12345-6789-abcde”, "allocation": 0.5 }, { "generator_fuel_id": "other-id-12345-6789”, "allocation": 0.5 }] }]

Improved: Updates were made to the new Balancing Authority and Interconnected Utilities dropdown menus. 

Fixed: General minor bug fixes to improve user experience 

Work was done to support future interest in etags. Reach out to [email protected] if you have questions about etags.

Release updates for September 23rd, 2022

Improved: The “Approve Review” button for generators is now hidden until our next annual review in 2023

  • Seeing that button at all times was confusing to our users and not helpful

Fixed: Editing a Program to invite new Participants,

  • The page was refreshing to a blank screen and the program edits were not saved – this has been fixed. Feel free to edit your programs with confidence now.

Fixed: RTC Generation was sending to ‘Rejected’ with no errors.

  • Generation is now either moved to pending or issued right away when uploaded- there is no draft status

Fixed: Recurring Transfers now allow decimals!

  • Previously these defaulted to whatever whole number was written before the decimal and did not allow fractions.

Fixed: Additional minor bug fixes to improve user experience

Many of these updates are from user requests or comments. We are always open to your feedback on improving your experience with M-RETS.

Feel free to email [email protected] with your comments, compliments, or concerns. 

Release updates for September 13th, 2022

Update: New 14 Day Holding Period

  • We’ve added a 14 day Holding Period to generation on the RTC side. The organization can bypass this holding period by approving the generation. 

Update: API is now open to all subscribers

  • We’ve updated our policies to allow all user types to access the API- it is no longer limited to General Account subscribers.

Update: New Fuel Type Added

  • “Nuclear AEC” has been added to our system

Fixed: Table improvements

  • Tables now redirect to the first page when filters are applied
  • Users can filter by fuel source before downloading their Annual Production
  • Added Serial number Base-Start and End to Retired Certificates table

Fixed: General User experience improvements

  • Account Holders can now upload generation using TXT tiles
  • First Eligible Vintage is viewable to anyone who can view generator details
  • RTC Generation’s attached document link is fixed 
  • All this and some minor bug fixes which should make using our system better!

Release updates for August 25th, 2022

Fixed: New Organization “submit” button UI to be disabled after the user clicks it 

  • When submitting an organization, some users have been able to click the submit button multiple times, creating confusion because the user was caught in the creation form with a validation error on the organization name- when in reality, the org was submitted after the first click. This fix prevents this confusion.

Certificates by Fuel Source Report update:

  • Correction to categorization of legacy data. Data is temporarily show in “Uncategorized” until we correct categories on this older data.

Generator Form update:

  • Balancing Authority and Interconnected Utility are now searchable on our generator form

Release updates for August 11th, 2022

UI & other minor bug fixes

  • REC and RTC Logo Colors Reversed on Login Page- this switch is now resolved and the Thermal and REC logo colors match their themes again.

  • Larger Certificate Downloads are working and minor improvements have been made to the reports display

  • Tidying up table filters text to show consistent title casing

  • Added support for custom columns on Retired and Active Certificate report downloads

  • RTC Side: GREET Model Versions were added to the Carbon Pathways

Release updates for July 29th, 2022

Improvements to RTC side and additional bug fixes

  • Additional Fuel Sources added to the RTC system

  • Improvements to the Transaction Tables in RTC

  • Various bug fixes to improve our system

Release updates for July 19th, 2022

Fixed: System Improvements Continue

  • Improved error messaging on the generator upload form

  • Minor bug fixes

Release updates for July 6th, 2022

Fixed: More System Improvements

  • Our M-RETS spinner was acting up during some load screens… spinning off in some unconventional places. We fixed that.

  • Country Code and Phone Number have been added to user profiles. Feel free to edit and add the relevant info.

  • Generator Form updates- we have new fields on the generator registration form. They are not required to save or submit a generator to pending and will not impact previously approved generators.

Release updates for June 17th, 2022

Fixed: General System Improvements / Bug Fixes

  • Various bugs have been squashed with our newest release, improving our system in ways that are hard to describe… (aka no UI changes to your day-to-day experience)

Release updates for June 6th, 2022

Fixed: Generation Upload Permissions Error

  • We resolved an issue where some users got the message, “you do not have permission to upload generation” when they did have permission.

Introducing: Reserve Transactions

  • On the RTC side we renamed the system function of ‘withdrawing’ RTCs to ‘reserving’ RTCs. We changed this because ‘withdraw’ is a term that is used for another action in the system (status type for exported certificates) and ‘reserve’ is a unique naming convention

  • We also introduced this ‘Reserve’ functionality to the REC side (it is not a retirement or claim, but removing from circulation)

Introducing: DGGs

  • If your organization is interested in registering small aggregate solar projects, we now have the ability to have Distributed Generation Groups (DGGs). To learn more about this new feature, message our system admin! ([email protected])

Release updates for May 13th, 2022

  • Recurring transfers were struggling with large uploads- we fixed that!

  • Last week we experienced a delay in adding new organizations to the Sandbox- that’s fixed!

  • Had a few typos we addressed. If you didn’t notice them… well we didn’t either. 

  • We added a Non-Renewable Fuel Type and Fuel Source to track in Alberta. This allows some users in Alberta to earn credits for MWhs that were not used for Emission Performance Credits. This solution could work for other programs if you are interested in adding a program to this fuel source reach out to our System Admin. 

  • We added the ability for users to reject a pending generation entry

  • We added a confirmation screen to the Organization registration flow explaining that we contact you when your registration is complete

  • Under Generators there is a Validation Curve section that will display Generation Validation Curves if they have been added by an Admin. When these curves are added, the Generator’s Engineering tab will show the validation curve instead of the capacity factor.

  • Improved our issuance process to look at the generation validation curve when those are present instead of the capacity factor

Release updates for April 15th, 2022

Fixed: Improved performance of table downloads and general bug fixes

Release updates for April 7th, 2022

Fixed: Improvements to our UI and bugs squashed

  • As you select REC/RTC in the Certificates tab, you get a total REC count that displays how many you’ve selected at the top of the page.

  • We’ve added the REC & RTC Edit Program views so organizations that own a Program or Program Admins can edit their Program details. 

  • Have you ever seen an error message pop-up behind our Zendesk widget? Don’t worry, we moved our message pop-up to top-middle of the screen so now you can read it!

  • Zero RECs in an account now displays as “0” instead of an “N/A”. 

  • If you go to the Inactive Generators tab, you will see any Inactive, Rejected, Suspended, or Terminated generators (not just ‘Inactive’ labeled ones). 

  • We also updated the transfer screen to correctly read “Select the accounts that you would like to transfer to” instead of “Select the accounts you would like to retire to” to clear up that confusion. 

  • Under Programs close date, you can only select future dates and can no longer select dates in the past. 

  • All users with Manage Transaction permissions can reject an import. 

  • Now users cannot submit a generator if it will put them over their subscription cap. A helpful error message will inform you that the generator cannot be submitted. 

Fixed: Introducing New and Improved Market Displays

  • When you are inviting a Market Participant, now you will see a drop-down that lists the active organizations in our system. 

  • Invitations to join a Market are now visible from the dashboard.

  • Markets now have their own section on the site and are not longer under the Programs tab. If you have a Market account, it will now appear as a separate tab in the left-side menu. 

Updated Documentation

  • On the API Documentation side, we cleaned up some of the Swagger files and updated the Postman files. If you enjoy the Postman format, we included documentation with the Postman files if you check out the in-app documentation button. 

Many of these updates are from user requests or comments. We are always open to your feedback on improving your experience with M-RETS.

Feel free to email [email protected] with your comments, compliments, or concerns. 

Release updates for April 4th, 2022

Fixed: Niche and necessary bug fixes

Release updates for March 28th, 2022

Happy compliance season, M-RETS users. With the snow melt, we are happy to see our features blooming. From downloading reports to navigating programs, we’ve made some notable improvements to your M-RETS experience.

Fixed: Reports are ready just in time for compliance

  • Transaction History and Pending tables now show the correct serial number range for RECs
  • You can download large documents without the system timing out
  • Transaction History report has the correct end date

Fixed: Programs feature is looking better than ever

  • The dashboard now displays your total REC count
  • Need that report by Friday? You can download your RECs in the Program view whenever you’d like
  • Only eligible RECS can be retired to qualifying programs
  • We added a new edit Programs view

Fixed: Smoothing out the RTC side

  • We’ve eliminated some bugs associated with uploading thermal generation and saving generators on the RTC side

Fixed and improved: System feedback

  • We added an email confirmation for your generation uploads
  • We also added a confirmation window for the RTC generation entry process

Speaking of feedback, we love making improvements for our users.

Email [email protected] with all technical feedback or [email protected] for any API specific notes.