REC Imports & Exports

REC Markets

M-RETS supports open and transparent markets. Through the use of our modern API, M-RETS supports allowing imports and exports between all REC tracking systems in North America, including allowing for the import/export of imported/exported RECs. If your current system does not have import/export with M-RETS, please contact them and ask them to establish a connection.

Inter-Registry Transfers

RECs can be transferred between the following registries:

  • From NAR to MIRECS
  • From NAR to M-RETS
  • From NAR to NC-RETS
  • From NC-RETS to NAR
  • From NC-RETS to M-RETS
  • From MIRECS to NAR
  • From M-RETS to MIRECS
  • From M-RETS to NAR
  • From M-RETS to NC-RETS
  • From PJM-GATS to M-RETS
  • From PJM-GATS to NC-RETSFrom ERCOT to NC-RETS – Instructions
  • From ERCOT to M-RETS
Additional links between registries may be established or removed, to confirm please check with the appropriate registry System Administrator. For more questions please Contact Us.

You may click on registry names to visit the registry’s website.