M-RETS joins Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials

on December 14, 2023 M-RETS® News & Events with 0 comments

“Through our online platform, trusted data, and institutional transparency M-RETS is building the transformational digital infrastructure critical for a thriving, decarbonized economy,” said Ben Gerber, M-RETS President & CEO. “Joining RSB is directly aligned with the M-RETS mission, as we firmly believe that clean electrons and clean molecules are the inputs to the fuels of the future. Using our existing and new registries, M-RETS data and services provide a critical platform from which to measure the decarbonization impact of a growing variety of environmental attribute certificates for existing and future clean energy solutions. Along with other members, we look forward to supporting the great work of RSB and our fellow members.”



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