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In the M-RETS 12.0 Release, the M-RETS Retirement Types were updated to remove ambiguity from the retirement process by removing ambiguous retirement types  (i.e. Other, Other Regulatory Program, REC-Only Product) focusing the retirements to specific retirement categories. The intention of these changes is to bring clarity to the reports for regulators and program administrators. Additionally, providing retirement reasons that reflect the purpose of the retirement and removing retirement types where various voluntary or compliance retirements could be submitted under the same type should make selecting a retirement category more intuitive for the account holder.

M-RETS Retirement Types

Retirement Type Code Retirement Type Description
BBO Beneficial Ownership Formal Definition: With respect to any Credit, Beneficial Ownership Rights means any contractual or other right to direct or control the sale or other disposition of, or the Retirement of, such Credit or (ii) any contractual or other right to receive the  benefits of such Credit or any proceeds from the sale or other disposition of such Credit

M-RETS Uses: All retirements for the benefit of an individual owner of for a general environmental reason (i.e. company purchasing RECs to green their operation) An Additional Details field is provided to allow the account holder to provide specific information about the sale (i.e. customer name, retirement year) Note: Compliance or Green-e Voluntary programs should not use the Beneficial Ownership retirement type. All RPS retirements (Including IL ARES Retirements) should use the State-Regulated Utility Renewable Portfolio Standard/Provincial Utility Portfolio Standard (RPS) Retirement Type. Green-e Voluntary Retirements should use the Green-e Energy Certified Voluntary Market Sale Retirement Type  

GRN Green-e Energy Certified Voluntary Market Sale M-RETS Uses: All Green-e Retirements. In order to retire Certificates to substantiate sales made in a given calendar year as“Green-e Energy certified”, the party retiring Certificates must have a contract in place with Center for Resource Solutions to make Green-e Energy certified sales in that year of sale
UGP Utility Green Pricing M-RETS Uses: Utility Green Pricing Program Retirements. Note: “Green-e Energy Certified” Utility Green Pricing Program Retirements should use the Green-e Energy Certified Voluntary Market Sale Retirement Reason
RPS State-Regulated Utility Renewable Portfolio
Standard/Provincial Utility Portfolio Standard (Compliance)
M-RETS Uses: State-Regulated Utility Renewable Portfolio Standard/Provincial Utility Portfolio Standard (RPS) retirements
MUN Municipal Renewable Portfolio Standard (Compliance) M-RETS Uses: Municipal Renewable Portfolio Standard retirements
FDR Federal Renewable Energy Requirement M-RETS Uses: Federal Renewable Energy Requirement retirement for the following programsEPACT 2005
Executive Order 13423
Federal Building
U.S. DOD Army
U.S. DOD Navy
U.S. DOD Air Force
U.S. DOD Marines
U.S. Park Service, Dept. of Interior
Department of the InteriorNote: Please contact the M-RETS Administrator if a Federal program is missing from this list


For more information on the process to transfer RECs into a Retirement subaccount, visit our Instruction for Transferring M-RETS RECs