About the Registry

What is M-RETS®?

The Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System (M-RETS®) tracks renewable energy generation and assists in verifying compliance with mandatory or voluntary State/Provincial Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and objectives. M-RETS® is an important tool to keep track of all relevant information about renewable energy produced and delivered in the region. Currently the states & provinces participating are: Illinois, Iowa, Manitoba, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Wisconsin.

How does M-RETS® work?

M-RETS® creates a renewable energy certificate for every MWh of renewable energy produced in the region, tracks the life cycle of each renewable certificate created, and ensures against any double-counting or double-use of each certificate.  To learn more see Why Use M-RETS®.

Who can participate?

There is no restriction to who may open an account in M-RETS®. However, only those renewable generators that are located in the M-RETS® footprint (or if located outside of the M-RETS® footprint, are either owned by a participating utility or have a contract with a participating utility to deliver renewable energy into the M-RETS® footprint) may be registered to an M-RETS® Account and subsequently have certificates created. A generating unit is considered “renewable” if the energy generated is considered renewable by any of the seven states or provinces included in the M-RETS® footprint.

How is the M-RETS® system unique?

M-RETS® is an easy to use, Web-based system that creates, verifies, manages and enables trading for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). The system provides a full suite of capabilities to create unique certificates, track serial numbers, track certificates in company accounts, enable transfers and transactions, track certificate retirement, and enable compliance reporting with a full audit trail.

How do I get more information about M-RETS®?

Please contact the M-RETS®  Administrator Here

How can I see the public reports?

The Public Reports are available on the registry public reports page.

How do I find out whether my renewable generation will be eligible in M-RETS® areas?

Contact the respective State Agencies and/or commissions in each participating State/Province and review their eligibility requirements. Information on each State/Provincial programs and their respective contacts can be found under the Useful Links page.

Can M-RETS® export RECs to other tracking systems?

M-RETS® permits RECs to be exported to MIRECSNAR and NC-RETS. A full list of tracking systems that facilitate inter-registry transfers can be accessed here. The procedure to export RECs is available in Section 15.2 of the M-RETS® Operating Procedures. If you have questions about exporting RECs from your account, please contact the M-RETS Administrator – Bryan Gower: mrets(at)apx.com

Does M-RETS® permit REC imports from other tracking systems?

M-RETS now accepts Imports from the following registries

  • When an import is processed from one of the compatible tracking systems listed above, the Import can be reviewed and accepted from the Account Holder’s Inbox along with all certificate transfers

Import Inbox

  • To view extended details about the REC Import, select the ‘More‘ link in the Certificate Import Inbox

Import Inbox 2

  • Select the Import Batches to Accept or Reject using the check boxes on the right side of the report. Execute the Acceptance or Rejection using the ‘Accept Selected‘ or ‘Reject Selected‘ buttons at the top of the report.

Import Inbox 3

  •  Once an Import is Accepted, the RECs will be displayed in the Account Holder’s Active Subaccount, however they will not be transferable until the nightly import procedure finalizes the import with the originating tracking system.